Trip Report

5 day trip to Barguzin Valley

This trip takes to the beginning of the Barguzin river. In the very wild Russian taiga, in the depth of Republic of Buryatia, there are hot water mineral waters that heal people. Nature has been preserved very well here.

Map of the Trip


Trip Report

1 Day Trip to Barguzin Valley

All day trip starting and finishing in Ust-Barguzin settlement. As it was mentioned in the previous post, all best trips to the East side of Lake Baikal start in Ust-Barguzin.

This trip takes to the valley of Barguzin river, it is one of the major sources of water to Lake Baikal. There are many villages and settlements along the way.

Barguzin settlement is worth of mentioning. It used to be a city long time ago in the 19th century and had a very deep connection to Irkutsk city. Even the logo of Barguzin is almost the same as the logo of Irkutsk. The same tiger.

The tour goes along the Barguzin mountain range on the left side and Barguzin river on the right side.

Barguzin is an ancient name, probably the name of some local people who used to live here. So there is Barguzin bay, Barguzin river, Barguzin settlement and Ust-Barguzin settlement, and all this around and inside of Barguzin valley. Ust means “ustye” in Russian (устье) which means the end of the river, the place where the river connect to the lake, the outfall of the river. That is why many places in russian have “Ust” in the beginning of the name, check the location of this place and you will see that it is right in the end of the river.

Trip Report

Trip to Holy Nose Peninsula from Ust-Barguzin

The best travelling to Lake Baikal from the East side of Lake Baikal starts in Ust-Barguzin settlement. It is under 300 km form Ulan-Ude city, on the way about one half of the distance road goes along the shore of the lake.

Road from Ulan-Ude to Ust-Barguzin

The Holy Nose peninsula is a big mountain island connected to the main land by a flat piece of land. Olkhon Island and Holy Nose belong to one system of mountains and is called Academic mountain range, part of which is under the water.

Holy Noze Peninsula Lake Baikal

Our trip was in the end of June. There was very little amount of other travelers. During July and August this place is very popular and you can see few people camping. But also we have met footprints of a bear on one sand beach near campers.

Bear's footprints


Map of the trip


What’s Next

About the same way we will go next time. But our aim will be Ushkan islands where it is possible to observe seals of Lake Baikal in their most favorite place. It is another trip to the third smallest part of Academic mountain range that is above the water.

Lots of rocks are made like beds above the water and seals love to get some sun and summer warmth on those huge rocks.