Trip reports, maps and photos. Sharing information about our travels to Lake Baikal from Ulan-Ude city.

Illustration shows images from books are becoming alive


So what we see now stories have moved to websites, I hope the technology will continue to develop. And for now I offer you to check out our first story. It looks pretty cool on the smartphone, so I guess mobile versions of websites will definitely use this feature in the future. Our second and […]

Горы Баргузинского хребта вдали за долиной

Development of tourism in the Far East

Travel to the Far East and the Russian North is becoming a fashionable and popular trend, but only a fraction of the potential of these destinations has been used. A survey was conducted among travelers to evaluate locations in the Far East and the Arctic in terms of tourist appeal. Over the past five years […]


Walking around at fall

City is getting ready for snow cover.


5 day trip to Barguzin Valley

This trip takes to the beginning of the Barguzin river. In the very wild Russian taiga, in the depth of Republic of Buryatia, there are hot water mineral waters that heal people. Nature has been preserved very well here. Map of the Trip Photos


1 Day Trip to Barguzin Valley

All day trip starting and finishing in Ust-Barguzin settlement. As it was mentioned in the previous post, all best trips to the East side of Lake Baikal start in Ust-Barguzin. This trip takes to the valley of Barguzin river, it is one of the major sources of water to Lake Baikal. There are many villages […]

Barguzin mountains

Trip to Holy Nose Peninsula from Ust-Barguzin

The best travelling to Lake Baikal from the East side of Lake Baikal starts in Ust-Barguzin settlement. It is under 300 km form Ulan-Ude city, on the way about one half of the distance road goes along the shore of the lake. The Holy Nose peninsula is a big mountain island connected to the main […]

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Virtual Excursion to Ust-Barguzin

I found this great video online, that gives a great image of the Ust-Barguzin settlement on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. No words, just kind or getting around the settlement itself and also it shows a traditional day trip to the bays. If you plan to travel to this location, this is absolutely what […]