Excrusions in Ulan-Ude and tours to Lake Baikal

Самая большая голова Ленина в мире.
The biggest “Lenin’s Head” in the world.

Ulan-Ude Free Tour

Walking tour in the downtown of the city with friendly guide who will show the most meaningful places and tell the most interesting stories.

Панорамный вид на город.
Panoramic view over the city.

Ulan-Ude in 1 Day

Car / van tour around the city visiting several interesting locations and learning the story of city development up to modern days as well as a lot of history.

Sunset on Baikal.

Baikal in 1 Day

Visit Lake Baikal and stop in other interesting location on the way.

Chivirkuy Bay Lake Baikal
Barguzin mountain range.

Baikal in 7 Days

Dive into the wild nature of Lake Baikal region and travel with best local guides. See both Eastern and Western shores of the lake.